Customer Appreciation Event/Growout Contest 2014
Kodama Koi Garden – New Jersey/Long Island
9/20/14 & 9/21/14 (Sat/Sun)
Updated 9/16/14

Our annual Customer Appreciation Event is here, and it’s time for our 2nd Annual Growout Contest Judging & Awards Ceremony!

The 2014 Kodama Koi Garden Customer Appreciation Event will feature free lunch (barbeque) as well as several fun games and seminars, including;

Kodama Koi Talk (Saturday)
Which Koi is better? You be the judge. If your answers match ours, you could win a prize! A customer favorite at last year’s 1st Annual Customer Appreciation Event. Several Koi of a selected variety will be placed in a tank and displayed all morning for customers to judge and compare. Fill in your answers on the provided answer sheet and stay to find out the correct answers at 1:00PM.

Autumn Prep [NJ] & Koi Appreciation [LI] Seminars (Sunday)
Autumn Prep Seminar [New Jersey]
Come and hear our Autumn Prep seminar hosted by Taro Kodama at the New Jersey store!
Learn all about what to do to prepare your pond & Koi for the cold autumn months, preventative treatments and how to properly close your pond for the winter.

Koi Appreciaiton Seminar [Long Island]
At the Koi Appreciation Seminar at our Long Island store, Mamoru Kodama will teach about the history of Japanese Koi and what to look for, how to compare, and properly select when purchasing Koi.

Both seminars are scheduled from 1:00PM to 2:00PM followed by discussions and a Q&A session.



Growout Contest Judging/Awards

For those participating in our Growout Contest for 2014, mark your calendars! The contest will be on 9/20/14 Saturday Only starting at 11AM. (Contestants: Please arrive with your Koi at 10AM in order to have your Koi placed and prepared for the contest judging at 11AM.

The Growout Event will coincide with our Customer Appreciation event. Select tanks will be priced up to 50% off regular price! Come take advantage of our year-end celebration. It’s our way of showing appreciation to our customers for another great season. The event will feature food, Koi, ponds, water, sales, and prizes! See detailed date, time and location info below.

Event Details;

  • Date: 9/20 & 9/21/14, Saturday & Sunday (Growout Contest is SATURDAY ONLY)

  • Time: 10AM ~ 4PM Sat/Sun (Growout Contest Judging starts 11AM)

    • Special Features:

    1. Saturday 11:00AM – Growout Contest Awards (All Locations)

    2. Saturday 1:00PM – Kodama Koi Talk (All Locations)

    3. Sunday 1:00PM – Autumn Prep Seminar (NJ Only)

    4. Sunday 1:00PM – Koi Appreciation Seminar (LI Only)

  • Location: Kodama Koi Garden – NJ & LI (click for store locations)