Kodama Koi Garden’s Saddle River, NJ location’s Customer Appreciation Event on September 19th & 20th; Saturday & Sunday.

Come to the Kodama Koi Garden NJ’s Customer Appreciation Event 2015 and see our beautiful Koi, get the results of our Growout Contest and take advantage of September Savings!

Event Information


Kodama Koi Garden NJ


  • Growout Contest is Saturday Only (Judging @ 11:00AM EST; Contestants should arrive by/at 10:00AM)

  • Event Dates: September 19th & 20th, 2015 (Saturday/Sunday)

  • Event Hours: 10AM ~ 4PM EST (Store Hours: 9AM ~ 5PM)

Event Details;

  1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free* (Select Tanks Only)

  2. Growout Contest Judging/Award Ceremony [11:00AM – 12:00PM] (Saturday Only)

  3. You be the Judge [1:00PM]

  4. Barbeque Lunch Offered [11:00AM ~ 3:00PM]

Growout Contest Information

Get the results of our 3rd Annual Growout Contest at our Saddle River, NJ location! For those of you new to the growout, a particular variety of Koi is selected (this year it is the Doitsu Sanke and Doitsu Showa) to be the “growout koi”. At the beginning of the season, we offer a specially selected tank of Tosai of the selected variety where customers choose the Koi that they think will be the most beautiful and grow large. Participants will return at the end of the season on Saturday, September 19th at our Customer Appreciation Event with their Growout Koi to be judged against other contestants Koi! First, Second & Third-place winners will win a prize. Judging starts at 11:00AM.


  1. Variety: Doitsu Sanke, Doitsu Showa

  2. Judging: Sat. Sept. 19th @ 11:00AM EST (Participants must arrive with their entries by 10:00AM EST)

  3. Participants may stop by our store location to receive bags, rubber bands, and supplemental oxygen to package and transport their Growout Koi to the store.

  4. If you have questions regarding the Judging Ceremony, packing and/or transporting your Koi, please contact us via email or telephone at (201) 981-1180.

  5. NJ only

  6. Saturday Only (9/19/2015 @ 11:00AM EST – Contestants should arrive by 10:00AM)


Kodama Koi Garden Long Island/New York Store Notices

  • Long Island location will not be conducting the Customer Appreciation Event this year.

  • Long Island location will be offering sales and discounts during September. Promotions available at the Long Island store will differ from New Jersey.

  • Last day of the season for Long Island/New York store will be Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

  • Closing Sunday 9/27/15


*Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer restricted to specially selected tanks only, marked thereon. Offer not valid on single Koi purchase or other merchandise. While supplies last; offer only for 09/01/2015~09/20/2015. Exclusions and restrictoins apply.