Kodama Koi Garden
3rd Annual Growout Contest 2015

Dear Kodama Koi Customers, previoust Growout Contest contestants and all Koi lovers, the Kodama Koi Garden Growout Contest is back again for the 2015 season!

How the Growout Contest Works

For those of you who are new to our Growout Contest, it is pretty simple. You come to one of our locations and choose a “Growout Koi” from a selected tank of specially chosen young Koi. There are usually 1 or 2 varieties chosen for a given year (two this year). You select the Koi that you think will grow larger and more beautiful than the others (which means the earlier you get here to choose, the better chance at winning!) and take the Koi home to feed and grow out in your own pond. Towards the end of the season at the end of August or beginning of September, there will be another event when you will bring your Koi back to be judged by beauty and size. There will be prizes for 1st place, 2nd place & 3rd place winners!

Growout Contest contestants get a 15% discount on Kodama Koi Food for the season (15% discount ends after the actual contest date – see details below).

This Year’s Variety

This year’s chosen Koi variety for the Growout Contest is the doitsu (scaleless) version of the popular Sanke & Showa! (See the photo below.)

  • Doitsu Sanke from Hiroi Koi Farm

  • Doitsu Showa form Hiroi Koi Farm

(Shown Above) Doitsu Sanke & Showa Tosai from Hiroi Koi Farm for the 2015 Growout Contest

(Shown Above) Doitsu Sanke & Showa Tosai from Hiroi Koi Farm for the 2015 Growout Contest

Kodama Koi Garden’s Growout Contest will be held at all three of our locations, including our newest location in Florida.


Kodama Koi Garden NJ – Saddle River, NJ


May 9th onwards.

Other Contest Details;

Start Date (Koi available for purchase) – 5/09/15 (NJ/LI), 4/11/15 (FL)

Contest Date (bring your Koi back to purchase location) – TBA (To Be Announced)

Prizes – TBA (To Be Announced)

Other Info – 15% off Kodama Koi Food brand Koi Food (all types) from 5/09/15 to 9/30/15


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