Mamoru’s 78th Birthday Sale – 6 Different Sales!

Mamoru Kodama, the owner of Kodama and legend of the koi world, celebrates his 78th birthday in 2021. This year he will be here in Florida at our store in Davie to meet you all. Come help us celebrate his birthday! For our Mamoru’s 78th Birthday Sale on July 17th & 18th, Visit Kodama Koi Garden Florida at 7250 Griffin Rd Davie, FL 33314

This Sale Includes:

  • Two for $78 Tosai – Must be from $45 pond
  • $78 Tosai – Must be from $80 or $100 pond
  • 7 + 8 = 15% OFF – Koi over $150
  • Buy 7 koi get the 8th FREE – Lowest priced koi FREE
  • You pay 78% of your total – When you spend $780 or more
  • 20% OFF Mamoru’s four books – FREE book signing
    • Kokugyo 1 & 2: $100 now $80
    • Kokugyo 3: $350 now $280
    • Koishi: $65 now $52
    • Purchase any of Mamoru’s four books and he will sign them for FREE

Special Message From Mamoru

Mamoru’s 8 Handpicked Koi:

A) Goshiki

1) Goshiki

This koi is from one of the famous GOSHIKI breeders, Kanno Koi Farm. Kanno’s Goshiki is famous for its Red color, it

will be a beautiful Scarlet when koi is bigger. Kanno’s Goshiki has 2 types.  a) Black Goshiki  b)Asagi Goshiki, and

this koi is type b). How about adding these two types as a pair to your collection?

Breeder: Kanno Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 17 inch, Price: $1,200 now $780

B) Kuro Goshiki

C) Asagi Goshiki

A) Ginrin Matsukawabake

2) Ginrin Matsukawabake (ma-tsu-ka-wa-ba-keh)

Shiro Utsuri was originally created from Matsukawabake.  There are no breeders who specialize in producing

Matsukawabake,  Matsukawabake occasionally appear as bi-products from Shiro Utsuri Breeders Farm.   You are

visiting Shiro Utsuri Breeders and you could find these Matsukawabake by luck! This particular one, the Ginrin scales

are so beautiful, and shines very strongly.

Breeder: Omosako Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 19 inch, Price: $750 now $390

A) Kin Kikokuryu

3) Kin Kikokuryu

What is the difference between Koi a) and Koi c) below? The answer is Sumi = Black color. Kin Kikokuryu a) has Sumi in

the pectoral fins, and the scales on the back are black. Because Kin Kikokuryu is a mix-breed of Kikouryu b). On the

other hand, Doitsu Kujaku c) is from Asagi d), so they genetically don’t have Sumi. The scale color is Ai =  Indigo instead

of black. That’s the difference.

Breeder: Marusaka Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 16 inch, Price: $650 now $390

B) Kikokuryu

C) Doitsu Kujyaku

D) Asagi

E) Mr. Hiroi from Hiroi Koi Farm

A) Hajiro

4) Hajiro

All black koi are called Karasu = Crow,  it’s a mix breed of Black koi and Red koi, so it’s belly should be red.  Black

color of Black Koi works as camouflage, it changes lighter or darker depending on the surroundings. Japanese Koi

lovers don’t like that change, and the breeders made an effort to create a black koi which black color stays very black. 

That is the Karasu Goi. Hajiro, on the other hand, is also a black koi but the tips of the pectoral fins are somewhat

whiteTo have a black koi in your pond means GOOD LUCK, consider adding one to your pond!

Breeder: Hiroi Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 14 inch, Price: $650 now $390

B) Kurogoi

C) Higoi

A) Ginrin Chagoi

5) Ginrin Chagoi

There are 3 types of Chagoi,  a)Brown Chagoi  b)Midori Chagoi (green) and c)Soragoi (gray).

Within the three types, Midori is the hardest to get. This particular one, has a green color and also has a beautiful

Ginrin, it’s a very precious Chagoi. Chagoi is not only beautiful, but a very friendly variety.  One Chagoi in your pond

makes all other koi a “friendly group”, and you will enjoy it a lot!

Breeder: Maruhiro Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 14 inch, Price: $650 now $390

B) If you add one Chagoi to your pond, it will become the leader and make other koi in your pond friendly too

A) Maruten Ai Goromo.

6) Ai Goromo

About 50 years ago, some of the 3-4 years old Kohaku kois suddenly had the Ai = Indigo color scales appear on the

red plates.  Breeders thought that was so nice and called them Aigoromo, and Mr Shinsaku SAKAZUME tried to  make

changes so that Ai color appears even when they are young.  This Maruten Ai Goromo represent Mr Sakazume’s

wonderful work.

Breeder: Sakazume Koi Farm, Sex: Female, Born in: June 2019, Size: 14 inch. Price: $600 now $390

B) Ai Goromo

C) Mr. Sakazume

A) Ginrin Soragoi

7) Ginrin Soragoi

There is no breeder specializing Soragoi, they are bi-product of Ochibashigure variety.  When Ochibashigure kois

lack red spots, they are Soragoi. Look at this Ginrin Soragoi, ginrin scales are everywhere and shine so beautifully,

and it is not always they shine so strongly. This is a very high level Ginrin Soragoi

Breeder: Hiroi Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 16 inch, Price: $600 now $390

B) Ginrin Ochibashigure

A) Midorigoi

8) Midorigoi

Midori = Green color in Koi world is one of the hardest colors to appear or create.

Marusaka Koi Farm is studying and trying to mix breed “Blue color of Shusui” and “Yellow color of Kigoi” to make

“Green” koi. This koi is just in the process of development. Isn’t it interesting to have a beginning stage of a new koi?

Breeder: Marusaka Koi Farm. Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 16 inch, Price: $500 now $390

B) Shusui

C) Kigoi