New Feature Announcement – Kodama Koi Garden Homepage
Browse Live Koi Inventory Online
Kodama Koi Garden NJ/

Now you can browse and purchase Kodama Koi Garden retail locations Live Koi Inventory online at the Kodama Koi Garden homepage,!

Click here to see live Koi inventory!

Not all tanks/ponds currently available. New tanks will be activated as they become available. Click the link above to see a full list of tanks available at the Saddle River, New Jersey location. The number of Koi, size range, and price of Koi for each tank is also listed. When you find the size and price range you would like to view, click the blue “Live Koi Inventory” button below the tank details to see each Koi available.

  • For larger Koi priced $1500 and above (20″+) the individual Koi’s gender and specific size (length only) will also be listed.

  • For Koi priced $350 to $950 only the size range is listed and gender is not available.

  • Inventory/photos for tanks of Koi priced $250 and under will not be available for viewing/purchasing online.

Currently, to place an order, select the image of the Koi you would like to purchase and click the words “Go to link” displayed at the bottom of the Koi’s detailed information. A new blank email will be automatically created with the emai’s subject line automatically filled with the necessary information to identify the Koi, including the Inventory ID#. Include your name, address and telephone. Do not send your payment information via email, you will recieve an email with instructions on how to complete your order and will recieve a call requesting payment information once we have confirmed the availability of Koi and shipping cost.

The online purchasing system will be updated again for the 2016 season.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and thank you for choosing Kodama Koi Garden!