About Kodama Koi Garden and the History of Our Family

It all started when I was a young boy in Japan over half a century ago. Growing up, Koi Master Mamoru Kodama, my father raised me to appreciate and love koi for the natural beauty they bring into this world.

I remember the day he founded Miyoshiike Co., Ltd. to provide this same joyful experience through healthy and beautiful koi. With Miyoshiike, my father soon became one of the most well known koi dealers in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. This is an honor we are very proud of.

I have vivid memories sitting at many All Japan Koi Shows, hearing the koi who been named Grand Champion, and feeling honored to have been a part of their beautiful life. I wanted other people to experience the same feeling of raising such a lovely creature.

With the lessons and family secrets my father taught me, we opened Kodama Koi Farm and Gardens to bring magnificent Koi to the United States and Canada.

Hand-Selected And Raised On Our Farm

Now when my father and I hand-select koi throughout the year, they have a place to thrive and grow into outstanding creatures at Kodama Koi Farm, our 12 acre farm in Oahu, Hawaii. It has 3 million gallons of water with very similar mineral rich water as the koi’s birthplace in Niigata, Japan.

It is truly an honor for Kodama Koi Farms to be one of the largest koi farms in the world. But Kodama Koi Farm wasn’t enough for these marvelous creatures and so we have continued to expand our operations. We even make our own variety of koi food for their health, growth, and color.

Quality And Healthy Koi Is Our Mission

My father and I wanted to ensure from the day our Koi left the farm till they were on your doorstep, their lives continued to be superb. Just as you need to trust in the quality of the Koi you purchase, we need to trust in the home and care our Koi receive.

My father and I knew there was no better way to ensure the rest of our Koi’s life was perfect, without opening up a place for you to purchase everything you need to care for them.

Bringing Peace And Tranquility To Ponds

What we all have in common here is that koi give us peaceful joy within our fast-paced and often busy lives, which is the sad reality of modern society in our world. We want to bring peace and tranquility to the United States through koi.

All koi enthusiasts enjoy koi in their own different ways and now it is time for you to find yours. Who would have thought with my enjoyment, I would have the privilege to be a part of more than a half million koi’s lives? I have my father to thank for that.

Learn more about the champion koi fish that have been raised or sold by our family on our website. 

Sharing Our Family Secrets

Kodama Koi Gardens in New Jersey, Florida, and New York holds generations of knowledge and even a few Kodama family secrets to raising award-winning Koi for your pond.

At each of our koi and pond supply locations, our managers have spent time in Japan or on our family farm raising and nurturing Koi. I’ve taught them the lessons and family secrets my father has imparted on me my entire life. They’ve helped care for and manage the diet of thousands of koi using our Kodama Koi Food, techniques, and best practices. Learn more on our koi blog.

They’ve monitored koi going through our strict quarantine system for KHV, helped to sustain our 3 million gallon ponds, or have learned our industry best practices. You can trust that any question you have about koi, their diet, and pond maintenance will be answered wholeheartedly from first-hand experience.