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We specialize in raising living jewels (Koi Fish) from Japan and want to pass on our knowledge to you in this blog.

Understanding Koi Clay, Minerals, & Vitamins from Japan

In this blog, I’ll explain why the top Japanese dealers and hobbyists use KoiNendo (formerly known as REFRESH) clay as a mineral supplement to increase the health and shine of their koi fish. This koi clay from Niigata, Japan is so valuable, that some people will even...

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How To Feed Your Koi Like Japanese Champions!

Correct feeding and food are the key ingredient to improve your Koi’s health, happiness, and longevity. Learn how we at Kodama Koi Farm have learned and incorporated many Japanese koi breeding best practices into our farm in order to feed a proper diet for the most beautiful living jewels.

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Koi-Gratulations to our Recent Koi Winners in 2017!

Our customers started the 2017 season very well. They have won top awards at several Koi shows already. Kodama Koi fish have now been awarded 22 Grand Champion awards and over 75 different Koi owners who have won an award with a Kodama Koi. We are so proud and think that is just fantastic!

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Choose Hi Silk For Big And Healthy Japanese Koi

It has been 25+ years since Hi Silk 21 Koi food was developed in Japan. Ever since, people across the world are going crazy over this food because no other food can make their Koi grow as big and fast. Learn more on how this koi food enhances koi skin, makes them grow faster, and ultimately this will help them…

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Understanding Koi Pond Filter System

A filter is a critical part of a Koi pond. Why is it so important? Because for a koi, a pond without a filter is like living in a room with no toilet. Table of Contents: Why do you need a filter for your Koi pond? Mechanical filtration vs. biological filtration Types...

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Preparing Your Koi Pond For Spring

Learn our recommended tips and tools for Koi pond owners to follow for spring pond opening. Opening your pond in spring is the most dangerous time for your Koi. If you do it wrong, your Koi can get sick. If you do it right, they will thank you; and you...

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Koi Food Guide: Maximize Color & Growth of Koi Fish

Learn why a koi pond owner should feed the best koi food for their living jewels to help with fish health, color, and pond water quality. Similarly to humans - you are what you eat - and one of the most important concerns in our family and at Kodama Koi Gardens has...

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Japan Koi Show (South Florida 2016)

Japan Koi Show 2016 Kodama Koi Garden - Davie, Florida 1st Japan Koi Show in South Florida Dates; Sat. January 23 & Sun. January 24, 2016 Location; Kodama Koi Garden at Spyke's Grove in Davie, Florida Event Details; The purpose of the Japan Koi Show is to promote,...

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2015 AKJA National Champion Award

2015 AKJA National Champion Award Koi from Kodama Koi Farm make up many of the Grand Champions Last month, the American Koi Judges Associan compared the finalists (Grand Champions) of each Koi Show for 2015 to select the top national champions out of the regional...

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