How long do Koi live?

In Japan, Koi is a living charm of long life because Koi live a very long time. Nishikigoi can live over 200 years if you keep them in the right way. It is said that you can calculate their age by analyzing their scales. You probably know that you can estimate the age...

How big do Koi fish grow?

If you a Koi beginner, you probably imagine their size as 20 inches based on your experience of seeing a Koi in public, but I’m sure the biggest exhibited Koi will blow your mind and break a Koi-size-record in your head. In the 38th All Japan Koi Show, a Koi in a size...

Which grows bigger, male or female koi?

After spawning, a female eats food very aggressively and gets ready for the next season. Males do not have as big of an appetite as the females. Typically, the female eats more and ends up growing bigger in girth and length.

Can any Ogon have Fukurin?

Yes, any Ogon except Doitsu Ogon can have Fukurin. Fukurin does not appear until the koi grows at least 24 inches. As it continues to grow, the Fukurin will become thicker and more beautiful.

What is Sumigoromo?

It is Koromo with Sumi instead of Ai. Because Aigoromo comes from Asagi bloodlines, it usually has the Asagi’s scale color on its Hi plate. When Sumi appears instead, it is recognized as Sumigoromo.

What is the difference between Koromo and Goshiki?

Goshiki is bred by crossing Asagi with Kohaku. Aigoromo came from the process of leaving pattern only on the Hi, making the other part white. Simply speaking, Aigoromo has white as its ground and Goshiki has color there, and sometimes Hi as well.

How does Hi Bekko differ from Bekko?

They come from the same parents. Bekko is a koi with Sumi (xsimu) on the shiroji that is bred from Taisho Sanshoku. Sometimes koi with sumi on red skin appears. This is Hi Bekko. Hi Bekko and Bekko are brothers and sisters of Taisho Sanshoku.

How are Tancho bred?

Tancho Kohaku is produced from regular Kohachu breeding. Tancho Taisho Sanshoku are produced from breeding Taisho Sanshoku.

What is Ginrin?

Ginrin is the short term for Kin Ginrin. They are shiny scales. Ginrin shines gold on red, and silver on white.

Do koi sleep at night?

At night when there is no sun-light, Koi stop swimming actively and are quiet at the bottom. They look like they are sleeping.

When do koi spawn?

The season depends on the location. The temperature of the water triggers the spawn. In hot places like Okinawa, the season begins in March, while in Niigata it is in May and June. In tropical countries, it is possible for the Koi to spawn 2-3 times per year.