16 Quality Japanese Koi Will Be Arriving From Hawaii On July 23rd!


Here are the in depth koi profiles for six of the 16 koi arriving this Friday, brought to you by Mamoru Kodama.

1) Kikokuryu

1) Kikokuryu


Sometimes 1)Kikokuryu Koi was mistaken for “Doitsu Gin Matsuba” but they are different. B) is the Doitsu Gin Matsuba, the scale color is SILVER. But 1) and c) koi have BLACK scales, so they are Kikokuryu. Kikokuryu is a mix breed of Platinum and Kumonryu, it always changes Sumi Patterns. See the Sumi patterns on the side of the body, they will change as the koi grows, Isn’t it so much fun to watch how they change, how this koi look different tomorrow!

Breeder: Maruhiro Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 15 inch, Price: $350

B) Doitsu Gin Matsuba

C) Kikokuryu

2) Hi Shusui

2) Hi Shusui

Shusui with all red body is called Hi Shusui (Red Shusui). This koi has a beautiful red color and also the line-up of the scales on the back is excellent. Another great point is the “symbol” on its shoulder, (the upper right picture) is unique and wonderful, About this “Symbol”,  let me explain about Japanese “Family Emblems”, or family coat of arms? that every family inherited from their ancestors.

Breeder: Maruhiro Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 16 inch, Price: $350

Below are some famous Family Emblems = KAMON

From the left, The Chrysanthemum Emblem of Japanese Emperor Family, Paulownia Emblem of Japanese Prime Minister’s Family,  Aoi (Kind of wild Ginger) Emblem of Tokugawa Family of Edo Era and Kodama Family’s Trailing Wisteria Emblem. You often see these kinds of symbols on the shoulders of Doitsu Koi, and they sometimes resemble Family Emblems.  When it clearly shows, the koi’s value goes up. This Hi Shusui’s Marking looks like my family’s emblem…..don’t you think?

3) Hi Shusui

3) Shusui


This Shusui has another KAMON, on his head.  This Emblem is called “Circle One”, it could be a very popular koi in Japan!  We can say it’s Number One Mark on the head, it could be popular here too!  (cf: 1,2,3,,,in Kanji letters,、二、三….) That No 1 on the head, the red color on both sides of the cheek, the red balance of the pectoral fins….are making this koi very beautiful and one of a kind.  Don’t forget the bright red on the side of the body, an outstanding Shusui!

Breeder: Otsuka Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 16 inch, Price: $350

4) Ginrin Goshiki

4) Ginrin Goshiki


This koi’s Ginrin is so wonderfully shiny, he’s an excellent Goshiki! The red color is very bright and beautiful. The Maruten (circle pattern on the head) on the side of the head and the red patterns on the tail half are well-balanced. Mr Kuniyasu HIROI created this  “Ginrin Goshiki” variety, it actually took more than 30 years since he started and tried  and finally succeeded to make this kind. His success will be honored as a “creator” for a long time but there’s no “copyright” in the world of Koi. Buy his Goshiki and use them as  “Parents” to breed, anybody can make the same Ginrin Goshiki as Mr Hiroi’s. Does that sound kind of unfair? But that’s what the breeders in Niigata do.  The one who created a new variety won’t monopolize that success, so everybody produces that variety together and they are able to provide the beautiful variety to many koi lovers. Wonderful Japan!

Breeder: Hiroi Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 15 inch, Price: $450

A) Aka Matsuba

5) Aka Matsuba


Aka Matsuba is one of the oldest among more than 100 kind of  varieties.  The oldest record says that Aka Matsuba was swimming in a Japanese Garden as long as 250 years ago. Aka Matsuba is a kind of koi that looks much more beautiful when full grown, (see the left picture) not as beautiful as Kohaku, Showa or Ogon when young. You see one small, plain, and not so beautiful koi now but its beauty will somewhat appear when it grows up. Whatever kind of looks one koi has now, it is your responsibility to raise it bigger and bring out its potential and its beauty…..as one koi lover.

Breeder: Otsuka Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 15 inch, Price: $350

A) Hi Utsuri

6) Hi Utsuri


Look at the picture on the left, I took this at Shinoda Koi Farm last year.  This koi was 6 years old and already 40” or so, it was amazing!  6) Koi has better patterns than the left picture, imagine if this one grows bigger in your pond like a koi on the left! It could be such a wonderful experience for you, Please try!

Breeder: Shinoda Koi Farm, Sex: Male, Born in: June 2019, Size: 17 inch. Price: $450