Are beautiful pectoral fins important?

Yes, they are very important. It is the standard for every variety. The shape of the fins are also important. The fins should be symmetrical. Large, rounded pectoral fins add to the beauty of every variety.

Is the Hi on Asagi pectoral and tail fins important?

On Asagi, Hi is traditionally found on the belly, cheeks and the pectoral, dorsal and tail fins. Hi on the pectoral and tail fins follows the standard, but it is not an absolute necessity. Even without the Hi on the fins, the beautiful net pattern on its body is...

Why is body conformation the top priority in beauty?

The requirements for Nishikigoi beauty are body conformation, quality and pattern. Body conformation is most important. A beautiful pattern will no be valued if one of the eyes or half of the tail fin is missing. The most important criterial is that koi should have a...

What is Sumi?

Sumi is the term for black in Koi. Sumi quality refers to its content. The highest quality Sumi is the deepest, true black.

What is Fukurin? Does it appear on small koi?

Fukurin is the way the flesh between the koi scales form a net pattern. When Koi are small, the space between each scale is too narrow to form this pattern. As koi grow, the space between the scales becomes wider and creates the Fukurin.

What is Loran?

Loran is a nickname given to a Grand Champion at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show.

What makes a good pattern?

This is not something you can easily define, but one thing is balance. Balance is very important. To study this further, we strongly recommend reading Kokugyo I.