Is Niigata still the best to breed Nishikigoi?

Yes. There are three requirements to be the best breeding site, location, society and people. In terms of location, Niigata is excellent. It has excellent clay and water quality and the natural surroundings are wonderful. It is also home to a research center to study...

How many breeders does Okiya (in the Niigata region) have?

There are only 200 breeders. 40 years ago, there were almost 6,000 breeders. These remaining 200 breeders survived the tough competition and were able to provide beautiful and unique Koi. These breeders are all excellent and have their own representative...

What elements are needed to make a good pond environment?

The most important aspect of a pond is water quality. If the pond is designed to maintain good water, then it is a good pond. When designing a pond, you need to think of the shape of the pond, the depth, filtration etc. You also need to think about your pond algae...

What is Gosanke?

In the Koi world, there is a social status. Gosanke is the word that that expresses this status. Gosanke refers to the three varieties that represent Nishikigoi. They are the Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku and Showa Sanshoku. These are known as the Big 3 and have the highest...

How can we know the level of perfection in looking at koi?

The level of perfection of a variety means the perfection of the characteristics that the variety has. For example, the prime characteristic of Tancho Kohaku is the true round Hi spot on the head. Platinum has to shine strongly in platinum. In Aigoromo, the beautiful...

Are beautiful pectoral fins important?

Yes, they are very important. It is the standard for every variety. The shape of the fins are also important. The fins should be symmetrical. Large, rounded pectoral fins add to the beauty of every variety.

Why is body conformation the top priority in beauty?

The requirements for Nishikigoi beauty are body conformation, quality and pattern. Body conformation is most important. A beautiful pattern will no be valued if one of the eyes or half of the tail fin is missing. The most important criterial is that koi should have a...

What is Sumi?

Sumi is the term for black in Koi. Sumi quality refers to its content. The highest quality Sumi is the deepest, true black.

What is Fukurin? Does it appear on small koi?

Fukurin is the way the flesh between the koi scales form a net pattern. When Koi are small, the space between each scale is too narrow to form this pattern. As koi grow, the space between the scales becomes wider and creates the Fukurin.

What is Loran?

Loran is a nickname given to a Grand Champion at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show.