Kodama Koi Food Holiday Specials 2015
Kodama Koi Garden NJ


Place your order by December 30th, 2015 to get up to 35% off Kodama Koi Food!*

The Kodama Koi Food holiday special is back! Get 25~35% off retail price by making a bulk purchase this winter. Stock up and save! Purchase a minimum of 55lbs or $500 and get 25% off or increase your order to 99lbs or more to get 35% off! For example, an 11lb bag of Kodama Koi Food All Season (Floating; Medium or Large) retails $95/each is now only $61/each^ @ 35% off and an 11lb bag of Kodama Koi Food Color Up (Floating; Medium or Large) retails $129.50/each will cost only $84/each^ @ 35% off! The deadline is near. Don’t miss this holiday special! Click here to contact us by email or call us at (201) 962-3915.


Promo Details

  1. Kodama Koi Food Holiday Special – purchase food in bulk for next season(s) to receive 25~35% OFF regular pricing.

  2. Applicable for both Color Up and All Season (Wheat Germ) food. Floating type pellets only; sinking type pellets are not available for this promotion. Both Large & Medium pellet sizes available.

  3. Minimum purchase of 55 pounds or $500 required to quality for bulk purchase discount.

    • 25% off bulk orders of 55~98lbs and $500+

    • 35% off bulk orders of 99lbs+ (no minimum price for orders of 99lbs or more)

    • For example; one 22lb Color Up + one 22lb All Season + one 11lb All Season = 55lbs and totals $500 retail. With the bulk purchase discount, this order will be $375*.

  4. Payment must be made by end of day 12/31/2015.

  5. Sales Tax will apply to purchase.

  6. Orders will be fulfilled by 1/31/2015.

Contact Info

Use the recommendation chart below to estimate the amount of food you should purchase for the season`. Six month feeding season assumed; double the quantities for warmer climates. To estimate food purchase amount for 2 or more seasons, multiply quantities by # of seasons.


Recommended numbers approximate. See below for details



Premium Ingredients of Kodamam Koi Food;

Spirulina is the main color enhancing ingredient in Color Up, Wheat Germ is the main protein/growth ingredient in both Color Up and All Season.

*Minimum purchase of 55lbs or $500 required to receive 25% off or minimum purchase of 99lbs required to receive 35% off.

^Discounted price shown is at 35% off MSRP (Retail Price) specified above.

`Recommended Koi food qty./weight in chart is approx. based on average size of Koi and predicted feeding pattern for one season (assumed to be feeding for 6 months; for warmer climates, double the quantities).

Tax not included. Payment must be made by 12/31/2015 or discount is not available. Delivery will be made by 1/31/2015.