Koi season started recently, and so have the Koi shows…

We are proud of all Koi owners that compete in these shows across the country and world!!

Koi Champions Are A Family Tradition

We would like to Koi-gratulate our customers for starting the season very well. They have won top awards at several Koi shows already.

From over 50 years of research, it is our family’s goal to offer the best koi food, koi fish, and koi advice to help people win those coveted Grand Champion awards.

Kodama Koi fish have now been awarded 22 Grand Champion awards and over 75 different Koi owners who have won an award with a Kodama Koi. If you want to see all past koi winners, please view all Champion Koi Fish in our gallery.

Recent Award Winners From:

  • AKJA National Championship
  • North California ZNA Koi Show
  • Central Florida Koi Show


The Key Ingredient To Success

All of these koi are raised with Kodama Koi Food to improve color and growth.

Koi are often referred to as living jewels. Unlike other regular jewels, the living jewels will change in beauty. As they grow, they will become more beautiful or less beautiful. Water quality is a key. If they live in healthy water, they will grow healthy. But water quality is not enough to complete the living jewels beautification. Food is an important key factor to increase the quality of your koi.

We continue to see the trend that selecting the right food for your koi, is the “key ingredient” to producing high quality and competition ready Japanese koi fish. It is very important to know how, when, and what to feed your koi.

Raising koi fish is not always easy, and raising competition ready Japanese Koi is NEVER easy.

The hard work, dedication, and knowledge acquired by these koi show winners is a testament to the importance of these competitions to the ancient Japanese culture. We are honored to be a part of their success and hope more of our readers will submit their koi fish online or tell us via email.


AKJA National Champion Koi Competition

Every year, the American Koi Judges Association votes for the best champion among all the champions of Koi shows nationwide in the previous year

This year a Taisho Sanke won the title from a beautiful koi provided by Kodama Koi Farm which was also a grand champion at the Potomac Koi Show 2016. We would like to koi-gratulate Mr. Yates for this great achievement. On top of his excellent husbandry, he trusts Kodama Koi Food to raise many of his champion quality Koi.

Among all the other champions of all Koi shows in the nation, AKJA voted this Koi to be champion of champions.

Watch how the color pattern below changes as the koi matures and more of the sumi pattern appears.

Taisho Sanke
Bred by Igarashi Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food



2017 North California ZNA Koi Show

Grand Champion ZNA NorCal Koi Show

North California ZNA Koi Show may not have the largest entries, but is definitely one of the most competitive Koi shows in the nation! The grand champion title this year went to a beautiful Sanke owned by Mr. Tran.

Grand Champion – Taisho Sanke
Bred by Sakai Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

Although the grand champion Sanke was not from Kodama Koi Farm, Mr. Tran did an excellent job raising her in his pond. He believes Koi food is indispensable for growing champion quality Koi, and his choice is Kodama Koi Food. Thank you, Mr. Tran.

I would also like to Koi-gratulate Mr. Duke Nguyen for winning top awards at the Koi show.  He is another top eye holder of show quality Koi.  It is hard to find somebody who has his dedication and passion to Koi.

There were 4 winners at the North California ZNA Koi Show. It was truly a dominant presence of Kodama Koi Food users and we are very grateful to see their successes!

Jumbo Champion – Taisho Sanke
Mr. Tran’s last year(2016)’s grand champion came in as the jumbo champion this year.  Her stout body conformation was very well-maintained by Kodama Koi Food.

Bred by Hiroi Koi Farm
Provided by Kodama Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

Best In Class – Showa
Bred by Dainichi Koi Farm
Provided by Kodama Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

Best in Size 7 Winner
The lustrous Beni and lacquer Sumi are just breathtaking. The classic three step Hi pattern with bold Sumi between Hi are beautiful. She has everything we need to ask for this variety.
Bred by Momotaro Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

Best in Size 8 Winner
Breeder is unkown
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

Young Champion – Central FL Show

This young koi has a lot of potential to grow into a grand champion.

With the right koi food, good husbandry, and a little luck we expect this koi from Dainichi Koi farm to continue its path to the top.

Mrs. Fleming won the Young Champion award with a beautiful Showa at this competitive Koi show. Jet black Sumi, snow white Shiroji and fine beni combine in such a perfect way to win the best young Koi among all the Koi at the show. This Showa was carefully selected, raised, and conditioned with Kodama Koi Food.

Bred by Dainichi Koi Farm
Provided by Kodama Koi Farm
Raised with Kodama Koi Food

They are just a few of many winners raised by Kodama Koi Food.

Try Kodama Koi Food and help your Koi to flourish into their most beautiful form.


Why Do We So Strongly Recommend Kodama Koi Food?

Koi food is more important to Koi than you may think. Just like the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, Koi are what they eat. Their diet impacts their health. Their health impacts their beauty. When they eat healthy, they look strong, active, and beautiful. Kodama Koi Food will grow your Koi, healthier, bigger and more colorful.

Read our guide on the importance of koi food for color and growth.

Our koi food was originally designed by Mamoru Kodama, who has won 5 grand champion titles at the All Japan Koi show and consistently used to raise koi on our farm. Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii has currently raised over 20,000 imported Japanese Koi with this same food. Try for yourself what we feed our koi, and see why lots of koi champion owners choose it to raise their koi fish.

Buy Kodama Koi Food Online if you want to raise the best koi in your pond. Even if you are not interested in raising a champion; it will increase their overall health, improve their happiness, and make their scales shine.

We will continue to test and improve our food to maximize koi health and beauty.

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