This Sunday, join Taro Kodama at Kodama Koi Garden NJ for 2014’s first Koi Seminar.

It is said that the hobby begins with Kohaku and ends with Kohaku, what that means is that Kohaku is the foundation of Koi appreciation, so by understanding Kohaku it will become easier to understand the other varieties as well. So come learn all about this simple yet important variety’s beauty.

What is a Koi Seminar?

Learn in detail about Koi appreciation; how to view them, choose them, compare them, and their history.

Koi Seminar (1) – May, 2014

Topic: Kohaku

Date: 5/11/14 (Sunday)

Time: 11AM ~ 12PM with Q&A and discussion session afterwards.

Location: Kodama Koi Garden NJ (74 East Allendale Road Saddle River, NJ 07458)

Host/Featured Speaker: Taro Kodama

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email or telephone: (201) 962-3915