koi-pond-filter-seminarIn these seminars, you will learn how to raise koi and maintain healthy water quality by using a biological filter from top Japanese koi expert Mamoru Kodama.

Keep your pond naturally healthy and in great condition to maximize the health of your koi fish by attending these educational seminars. We will be updating this page every time there is an upcoming seminar about koi pond filters and we encourage you to check back often on the times and locations.

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kaicho2Mamoru Kodama – Top Japanese Koi Expert

“Learn about his new revolutionary Koi pond filter “BioClean” – based on proven filter technology used by Koi hobbyists and dealers alike in Japan for over 2 decades! Also – learn key points about Koi pond filtration – what’s important – what to avoid – and how to make healthy water. Healthy water means healthy, beautiful Koi!” – Mamoru Kodama

These seminars are your best option for asking questions whether basic or advanced, we are happy to help you create the best water quality for your koi pond. We’ve raised many koi show winners and over 5 All Japan Koi Show Grand Champions many using the exact method of biological filtration we will be explaining in these seminars.

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