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New Jersey Calendar Of Events

For full details, please contact us at (201) 903-4441 or you can send us an email.



NJ Store Anniversary Event

Date: Saturday, 7/16 – Sunday, 7/17

Up to 20% off select koi fish!

CANCELLED – Pond and Filter Seminar – Learn How To Raise Beautiful Koi

Date: Saturday, 7/16 – 2:00pm-3:00pm

Get an introduction to how to design a koi pond. Learn what kind of filters are best and the effects of various filters on the pond. Our staff will teach you best practices on how to raise healthy and beautiful Japanese koi.


Promotion Through September

BioClean Promotion – Get A Free Bag Of Kodama Koi Food

Date:  6/1/16 (Wed.) – 8/31/16 (Wed.)

Get a free 11 lb. bag of All Season & Color Up Koi Food or 22lb. bag of one of each with purchase of a BioClean.

Get a free 11 lb. bag of All Season or Color Up Koi Food with purchase of a BioClean Mini.


Pictured: Full Sized Bio Clean With No Top

Kodama Family Mission For High Quality Koi

At Kodama Koi Gardens and Farm, it is our utmost priority to provide priceless knowledge on the art of raising Nishikigoi along with recommending high quality koi and pond supplies.

We import all of our products exclusively from Japan and we keep our past-time / culture alive both within and outside the country. We’ll always have something special for you at these events, please come by and visit us!

If you are not able to come by one of our local pond stores we recommend you shop online. We’ve compiled our favorite pond products that we use every day to raise high quality koi and we have now made them available for you to shop and buy the best koi pond supplies online.


Contact New Jersey Location

Contact us by email or call (201) 903-4441 if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping to solve your koi issues or choose the perfect new addition to your pond. Our family has raised over 185+ champion koi show winners and you can read our koi food guide to learn more about how you can also raise healthy and beautiful living jewels.

Contact Kodama Koi Garden By Email


Past Events In NJ

Independence Day Special – 9 AM – 12 PM ONLY

Date: Monday, July 4th 2016 (7/4/16)

Receive 20% off – when you buy more than 5 koi fish.

June 2016

Father’s Day Sale – 10% Off Tancho Koi

Date: Saturday, 6/18 – Sunday, 6/19

10% off any Tancho Koi

In honor of Father’s Day this year, we are having a sale on Tancho, which closely resembles the Japanese word “Hancho” in pronunciation. This word means “boss” or “head of the family”, making Tancho Koi the perfect for gift for your father.